Shipping Information


Shipments to USA addresses:
All orders are shipped via 1st Class Mail unless you select Priority MailI use the PayPal mailing address, as I use PayPal to print the postage, so make sure your PayPal mailing information is correct.
PayPal provides free delivery confirmation and limited warranty on transactions if you are a verified PayPal user and have a verified address, for other cases, there is no other warranty of delivery.
Shipments to countries other than the USA:
All orders at present are shipped via 1st Class Mail unless you select Priority Mail. I use the address in the “Ship To” address field on the order.
There is no Tracking, Insurance, or confirmation of orders to countries other than the USA. Tracking information is available if you ship Priority Registered for some countries, which also affords a little bit of insurance, anywhere from $40 to $100 coverage. The coverage varies depending on your country’s Postal Service.
Note for International Customers:
While we try to do our best to expedite the shipping process once the package is delivered to the Post Office we have no control of the shipping process, much less when the package arrives into the foreign customs.
The customs clearing process varies from country to country and this may in some cases represent an additional few days to weeks for delivery to the final destination address.
Also be aware that depending on the local Custom Department regulations in some countries you will receive some sort of notification and then you will have to pick up a package from the Customs Office and possibly you will need to pay Import Duty.
We will do our best to fulfill your order but we will not be responsible for packages abandoned or lost at the foreign Customs Office or Postal Offices and no refund or any other type of claim will be honored in this type of cases.
Future Possibilities:
For International shipments, I’m looking into providing some other method of shipping that will allow tracking and Insurance, but so far all method tend to cost around $70 to $100 which is way too expensive for the small orders usually bought here.
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